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Kicking off the year with his new show Chase!, Tomás tours Perth, Wellington and Auckland before putting it away to be developed into a web series. In February he is Creative Director of a huge program for the Hubbub Festival at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre as part of Fringe World. He then runs off to tour Crap Music Rave Party, before returning to pubs midyear with a new show for live music venues. He hits Edinburgh Fringe for his biggest shows yet at Gilded Balloon with a reworked Craptacular and his now festival-favourite Crap Music Rave Party. TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN
After spending January filming in Asia for his web series Chase!, Tomás returned to Perth to perform his new covers show Tomás Ford's Craptacular! in the Fringe World festival, where it received a nomination for the Arts Editors' Award and the Wellington Fringe. Crap Music Rave Party continued to grow into an internationally renowned party, including a huge sold out tour of New Zealand that cements his work there and sees him back a third time before the years' end. Through the second half of the year, he has a run of hit comedy music videos featuring his inept attempts at Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia and Singapore. He ends the year as Artist In Residence at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, where he redevelops Chase! for the stage. He ends the year producing the Commedia Dell Southbound arts tent for Southbound Festival and JumpClimb.

The Rhythm Of The Night single
Fringe World, New Zealand Fringe Festival
NOMINEE - Arts Editors' Award, Fringe World Awards TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN
A year of intense touring. Tomás took Electric Cabaret to the Australian festivals, The Final Chase to Europe and a new club show titled Good Music Cave Party to Edinburgh. He took his Crap Music Rave Party along for the ride almost everywhere, winding up the year with its' enormously successful "Accidental National Tour," playing to packed dancefloors in Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide, Karratha, Rottnest Island and Perth. He spends his last year as coproducer of Noodle Palace, expanding it into its' huge current home at Central TAFE and as creative director of Midlandia. Love Cancer single Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, Prague Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe Seasons WINNER - Best Cabaret Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN Tomás put the finishing touches on his new show The Final Chase in a dual-artist residency with his Mum in his hometown of Rockingham. He also toured Electric Cabaret in the UK and Ireland, which was a stupid amount of fun. Crap Music Rave Party became a touring concern for the first time and was an instant smash hit. On the production side, Noodle Palace grows into a three-room hub at the decaying Picadilly Cinema and he becomes Creative Director of the inaugral Midlandia fringe program.

Artist residency at Rockingham Arts Centre Edinburgh Fringe (Sold Out), Adelaide Fringe (Sold Out), Fringe World, Butterfly Club Melbourne, London, Dublin and Brighton Fringe seasons #5 Artist Of The Year - Drum Media Perth TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN Touring of An Audience With Tomás Ford including a sold out Perth season and a totally fucking bizarre Brisbane season before rebuilding it from the ground up as Electric Cabaret. He partners with production company JumpClimb to programs and co-produce fringe hub Noodle Palace during Fringe World. Vice Single Edinburgh Fringe, Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Anywhere Theatre Festival (Brisbane) Seasons WINNER - Best WA Cabaret Award, Fringe World Awards
RUNNER UP - Spirit Of The Fringe Runner Up, Fringe World Awards TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE After dipping his toe into Fringe festivals with free off-program parties at Perth and Adelaide, Tomás released an album, toured it nationally in Australia before heading to Edinburgh for a stratospheric Edinburgh debut that saw him nominated for the prestigious TO&ST Edinburgh Cabaret Award. 

Edinburgh Fringe Season An Audience With Tomás Ford LP
National Album Launch Tour Nice Single Adelaide Fringe & Fringe World Off-Program Parties
"Best Shows Of The Free Fringe" - The Scotsman
NOMINEE - TO&ST Edinburgh Cabaret Award TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN This year saw the release of Ford's two biggest online video hits. Following a spirit-crushingly awful Adelaide season, he reworked his show to feature an insane multi-screen setup that he toured around the country.

I Feel Dirty Single 'Til Death Do Us Part (with Ze! (Malaysia)) Single 'Til Death Do Us Part Tour (WA & VIC) I Feel Dirty Tour (National Headlining Tour) Gary Numan support (WA) "Gentleman And Disconcerter" Adelaide Fringe Mini-Season
 TWO THOUSAND AND TEN Somehow managing to tick off every local music festival in town over the course of two summers, Tomás had a huge year of well recieved shows. He created a one-off multimedia event called Tomás Ford's Disco Bunker, which foreshadowed his later work iwth video to a sold out (upstairs room at) Astor Theatre (that somehow everybody in town who didn't attend thought was the massive downstairs room). He also released rave track Loudspeeka on limited edition cassette - a sales limit he is yet to reach.
 Loudspeeka Cassingle National Birthday Party Tour (Headlining National Tour) Laneway Festival (WA) Southbound (WA) Future Music Festival (WA) Victorian Tour (VIC) Loudspeeka Cassingle Launch & Disco Wonderland (WA) Disco Bunker Theatre Show (WA) Mouse On Mars support (WA) TWO THOUSAND AND NINE
The release of the Bash Myself EP was meant to foreshadow an album release in 2010, but the reality was that mixing at home let him fiddle about with things too much. That's OK. This year he had the most rock star months of his life, touring nationally with Birds Of Tokyo, playing cavernous rooms like Sydney's Enmore Theatre, and with Big Day Out on the Lilypad. His month-long national EP tour, spent hating everybody in backpackers' accommodation and primarily spent in the dingiest dives in the country was a bit of a shock to the system. When it ended in a showcase at Brisbane's Big Sound conference, he'd run out of steam when it came to hussling.
 Bash Myself EP Big Day Out (NATIONAL) Big Day Out Sideshow (VIC) Perth International Arts Festival (WA) Bash Myself EP Tour (NATIONAL) Birds Of Tokyo Tour Support (NATIONAL) Headlining Tour (NATIONAL) TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT Tomás discovers that self-producing tours is nowhere near as hard as he thought it would be. Once everything is booked in, it's just a pile of hussle to get interviews and the like. He takes to it like a duck to water, playing all manner of shitty shows but having the time of his life. This is so much more fun than fringe festivals - he's playing make believe that he's a rock star!

This Is Not Art Festival (NSW) Artrage Silver Festival (WA) Headlining Tour (ACT/NSW) Headlining Tour (TAS/VIC) Headlining Tour (NSW/ACT/VIC) Headlining Tour (NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS) TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN
Licking his wounds from a bizarre 2006, Tomás has a quiet 2007. Poor as fuck, not touring much, writing too many songs and trying to figure out what the hell to do next. The story from Six Times happens and throws him for another couple of months. Somewhere in the middle of this, Five Times gets played on Triple J for, like, two nights. It never occurs again.
 Tomás Ford’s Idea Of Fun EP Five Times Single
One Night Stand performance at The Blue Room Theatre (WA) This Is Not Art Festival (NSW) Perth Festival (WA) Headlining Tour (NSW) TWO THOUSAND AND SIX
Following the most noxiously awful, financially crushing, audienceless, let's-do-all-four-weekends Adelaide Fringe season of all time, Tomás' first album comes out at an amazing party at The Bakery in Perth, where his sister runs around forcing people to buy copies. He then premières his new show, Tomás Ford vs The Audience, which polarises the arts scene with its' intense audience work, which he goes on to spend the rest of his career refining and becomes the basis for his award winning 2012 and 2013 shows.
 Nobody Wants To Be You LP Tomás Ford’s Cabaret Of Death (Adelaide Fringe Festival Season) (SA) Artrage Festival (WA) Tomás Ford Vs The Audience (Blue Room Theatre Season) (WA) TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE Touring his first batch of material, mostly spoken word and lofi beats, Tomás has his first flush of touring at small pubs and spoken word gigs around the country. It gives him a taste for it and a bunch of weirdo wavelegnth buddies that he still hangs out with a decade later. In Geraldton, he smashes an overhead projector into a freshly laid dancefloor, which he is still reminded about every time he goes to Geraldton. 
Geraldton Arts Festival (WA) Overload Poetry Festival (VIC) Artrage Festival (WA)
Headlining Tour (VIC) Headlining Tour (NATIONAL) TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR Touring around his work as an actor at the time, Tomás starts to love working solo and throws all kinds of spoken word electronica weirdness together.. At QFest, the organisers let him play two shows to a packed, actually functioning courthouse. They remain two of his all time favourite gigs. September brings a huge show at Melbourne's Bar Open during Melbourne Fringe. He starts his reign as the Big Day Out's resident Perth wierdo, opening the show there for four years before they drag him around the country. 

Melbourne Fringe Festival (Vic) This Is Not Art Festival (NSW) QFest (WA) Off-Program Shows During Adelaide Fringe (SA) 2004-2008: Big Day Out Lilyworld (Perth)