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Dowload high resolution press images for The Final Chase from Dropbox.




This show is presented using two types of setup:


This is the preferred version where there is budget for freight. In this version of the setup, video is shown on three screens in a roadcase containing all of Tomás' electronic music equipment. It requires two power points onstage plus the specs listed in "Stripped Down Version".


This version presents the same show minus the roadcase. Electronic music equipment is laid out on a table stage left.

The show requires 2x 3/4" jacks (main music output) and 1x 3/4" jack (radio mic output). Household power must be accessible centre stage. Lighting requirements are minimal as lighting is done by the performer using props; ideally the ability to flash red and dark blue lights and a white centre spot. It is also helpful if the artist can borrow an acoustic guitar (quality not important).

The show requires a PA capable of reproducing electronic music and voice, data projector and screen. The artist can bring his own data projector can be provided where required. It can be adapted to play in almost any type of performance space so long as the PA is up to scratch and total blackout is possible.

Sound outputs are: 2x 3/4" jacks (music output) 1x XLR (headset microphone).

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2015
Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2015
Brighton Fringe Festival, 2014

Not Television Festival, Chelsea Theatre, London, 2014
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, 2014
Mill Theatre Dundrum, Ireland, 2014
Fringe World, Perth, 2014
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2013


This show is currently in cold storage, awaiting revival at the appropriate time.

Electric Cabaret makes Tomás feel warm and fuzzy inside as it was honed as an end result of over 500 shows. It's almost always what people mean when they talk about Tomás Ford shows, and is designed to work best in a late night slot.  It is currently accepting bookings for festivals and theatre performances. To discuss how it may fit into your programming, please contact Tomás directly at captain [ at ] .


Award-winning cabaret lunatic Tomás Ford is losing control. His computers are broken, his songs are too weird and his charisma is backfiring. The show is imploding! This is either the best party ever or a one hour nervous breakdown.


Find out which.


"Raucous, riveting." ★★★★★ - Time Out London


"King Of The Fringe." - The West Australian


"What sort of person creates a show as deranged as this? But then again, what kind of person am I to be enjoying it?" ★★★★★ - ThreeWeeks


'A terrible, horrific, offensive affront to traditional cabaret. And I loved every minute of it. ★★★★½' Adelaide Theatre Guide